The Next Waxel Friend?

We’re looking for our next Waxel Friend and would like to hear your suggestions! Please recommend your favorite NFT artists in our Twitter post. We will gather some names and start a poll afterwards 😉

Waxel Goodies Drop – Fall Background

Time for the next Waxel Goodies drop! Following up on our news from last week, here are all the informations for our next drop happening tomorrow on the 02.09.2021 at 4 PM CEST for some more blending action. Our example Waxel Ninjas with the static animation and the special (not yet released) fall background from …

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We invested in the $NEFTY Token from NeftyBlocks

As some of you may know, today the $NEFTY token sale from NeftyBlocks started by offering their packs. By holding a certain amount of $NEFTY tokens you are able to get level 1, 2 or 3.The higher your level, the more features you will be able to use for your collection.More information regarding this can …

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Discord Invite Contest

We start another Discord Invite Contest in which the top 3 participants, with the most invited users, will win the following prices: One Waxel Ninja Avatar (and all the benefits for avatar holder) First Place: 1 Waxel Ninja Avatar (current value about $125/700WAX) Second Place: 2 Waxel Ninja Packs Third Place: 1 Waxel Ninja Pack …

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Avatar Price Development

The Waxel Ninja Avatars with only 250 mints is still one of our most popular Waxel schemas. Initially they were offered for only $9,90 on NeftyBlocks and contain the following benefits for holders: Random Airdrops from time to time Special Discord role: “Waxel Ninja Clan” including access to the private chat room Whitelist for every …

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Waxel Goodies Blending

As we were able to double our Discord member count since the last blendable drop with the Example Waxel Ninjas (the grey ones) from the WaxelGoodies schema, we are going to do another one! Next week we will add more of the 3 Waxel Ninja Static NFTs (daggers / katana / staff) to be purchasable …

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