Waxel Rush – Rice Fields

Game Details

The “Rice Fields” is the first level of Waxel Rush, an endless / infiniter runner where the goal is to get the highest possible score for as long a you are alive while jumping from one platform to another.

The game starts slow and gets faster each second until it reaches maximum speed.

Points100 for each second being alive
ControlsYou can jump by using your left mouse button, spacebar on your keyboard, tap on smarpthones or even a gaming controller
JumpingA single or double jump is possible
Depending on how long you press the jump button, you have longer or shorter airtime
Platforms3 different sized platforms (small, medium, big) spawn randomly at random positions
HourglassEvery 4 to 7 seconds an “Hourglass” is spawning at a random position that you can collect
By collecting the hourglass, the game gets slowed by 25% for 2 seconds


No NFTs are required to play the level. You can play right away by opening the Waxel Rush page and logging in with your WAX wallet.

NFTs are going to be involved in future updates which could range from different playable characters / skins / backgrounds etc.
These could even be NFTs from other collections we collab with.

Example video: