Waxel World

What is the ‘Waxel World’?
The Waxel World is an upcoming Play 2 Earn game on the WAX Blockchain.
You can check everything about the Waxel World starting here.

Where is the Waxel World whitepaper?
We do not have a whitepaper available because you can find all the desired and needed information on our website.

Is the game released?
Yes, our game the Waxel World was released on July the 12th of 2022.

What do I need to play Waxel World?
To really enjoy playing Waxel World we recommend you to have at least 1 Waxel Ninja in your wallet, because by having 1 you will be able to find / create any other NFT in the Waxel World like citizens, professions, materials and items.
If you don’t have a Waxel Ninja, you will need to buy these NFTs on the secondary market in order to use use in the game.
Keep in mind that all NFTs besides the Waxel Ninjas can only be used a certain amount of times or get burned while creating other NFTs.

Can I play Waxel World on my mobile device?
Currently you can only play it on a Desktop PC or a Table. But of course we are working on a mobile version!

Can I use all of my Waxel Ninjas to play the game?
You can use any of your Waxel Ninjas to play the game but you might not be able to use all your Waxel Ninjas at the the same time. We have limited the amount of usable Waxel Ninjas to 10 at the same time. The reason for this is to prevent people with A LOT of Waxel Ninjas to be able to control the market completely. We want everyone to be involved and to have fun – even if you only have only a single Waxel Ninja.
You can always decide which Waxel Ninjas you want to use in the game so you can benefit from their individual traits.

There is the option to extend the maximum amount of usable Waxel Ninjas at the same time by using the “Camp” settlement ppgrade NFT.

How can I earn by playing the Waxel World?
This is where the fun starts: You can earn by playing the game itself. The more you play, the more citizens, professions, materials and items you will be able to trade on the secondary market.

Can I use any of the “Waxel Goodies” in the game?
No. Only the 10,000 Waxel Ninjas (from this schema) will be part of the game. Every other Waxel NFT is either for promotional purpose, a collaboration, a or just for fun. You can find an overview of all Waxel Goodies on our Waxel Goodies page.

Will there be a pre-sale for anything required to play?
You can just grab a Waxel Ninja right now (hidden in a Waxel Ninja pack or already revealed on the secondary market) as the drop is already live.

Will there be land plots?
It is not planned to include any land plots at the moment. Basically our Waxel Ninjas act as land plots, so they are the most important NFT in the Waxel World.

Can you change the assets of your Waxel Ninja?
There is no way of changing anything from your Waxel Ninja. They are minted like that and can not be changed at all.
In the future there could be an option of using the traits of your Waxel Ninjas in some kind of way in the game when we add more features.

Do I have benefits by using rarer Waxel Ninjas in the Waxel world – for example by using a demon or an elf?
Yes. The more rare your Waxel Ninja, the more benefits you receive in-game.
You can find more details regarding the benefits on the Waxel Ninjas page under “Trait Details”.

What is the benefit of having a rare race (i.e. a legendary demon) instead of a common one (human)?
The more rare the race the shorter the interval between being able to send the Waxel Ninja out again to search for new citizens and the higher the success rate.

Can Waxel Ninjas only find citizens?
Yes. For the start of the Waxel World, Waxel Ninjas will be only capable of finding citizens. Maybe we will add more “features” to them later on.

Can Waxel Ninjas fail to find a citizen and return empty-handed?
Yes. There is a chance that your Waxel Ninjas return without finding a citizen.

Will there be a Waxel token / coin?
Currently there is NO Waxel token / coin. We plan to integrate one to the game as soon as it makes sense for the game and it will only be included if we are sure that we can offer enough use cases, utility and stability for it.

Is multi-accounting allowed?
We are not in favour of it, but we can not disallow it. With implementing the settlement upgrade NFT we added an option for you to use more then 10 Waxel Ninjas in 1 account, which is an easier way instead of switching accounts.

Am I allowed to use bots?
No! We do not allow an kind of bots to play our game. We want real players playing the game, not bots playing for you. If we ever notice bot-activity we will make sure to block you.

Can I walk around in the game?
Currently there is no movement in the game. The first version will be quite basic. For us it is important to have a good base that we can use to build up the complete game with all the features we have in mind. Therefore it is mandatory to set the main focus on the economy, the first items and a working play to earn / play and earn model. It is planned to integrate way more features, including movement and combat, later on.

Can we do PVP?
There will be no PVP for the release of the Waxel World. We want to have some kind of competitive gameplay in a future update / version.

Can I play Waxel World on mobile devices?
The initial release will not work on mobile devices but we plan to release a version that works on as many devices as possible ASAP.

Do I need to stake CPU/RAM/NET to play?
Yes – You need to stake a certain amount of WAX to perform transactions on the WAX blockchain.
RAM is used for storage on the blockchain and CPU / NET is used to pay for actions on the blockchain.

Keep in mind that WAX staked for RAM is being used and therefore burned in that process while WAX staked for CPU / NET is not used (like a gas fee on the Ethereum blockchain). So you can unstake the WAX you staked for CPU / NET and get it back.

You can find a more-detailed explanation about the whole CPU/RAM/NET system on this website: WAX Academy / Introduction to resources.

Waxel Ninjas

Are packs purchased from the secondary market eligible for milestone airdrops?
Unfortunately you are only eligible for the milestones with packs bought on the official drop page

Will you burn any of the packs that are currently left?
We will not burn any remaining packs. The sale stays open until all the 10,000 Waxel Ninjas found their new owner.

When will the sale end?
The sale ends when every Waxel Ninja pack is purchased. After that you will only be able to get your hands on one on the secondary market.

How many Waxel Ninjas are in one pack?
There is one single Waxel Ninja in each Waxel Ninja Pack.

Waxel Discord FAQ

Why don’t you have different-language channels?
If we add channels for languages like French, Spanish or Filipino for example, this would split the community in various groups. We also would have to have moderators that speak any of these languages to make sure no one gets scammed or treated abusive in any way. If you do not speak English well, feel free to ask (in English) if someone speaks your language and try to get your problem solved in a direct message.
But always watch out for scammers, that might use this to their advantage!

How do I get a belt?
We use a ranking system in our discord based on Karate belts. So after a few lines of chatting, you will receive your first belt (white).
You can find more information about the system here: Discord WAXEL belts.

I have another question that has not yet been answered here – Help!
Feel free to drop us an E-Mail or get in touch with us in our Discord.