After you have blended your citizens into professions you are able to gather and refine materials with them.

Materials are needed to craft items. For this you will need to gather raw materials and refine them. The more rare a raw material is, the longer it will take to refine it.
Each gatherer profession can gather 3 different raw materials and each refiner profession 3 different refined materials, each having its own rarity (common, uncommon and rare).

You are able to blend your raw / refined materials into NFTs in packs of 10 per material, in order to trade, sell and buy them on AtomicHub / NeftyBlocks.

In the coming expansions / updates we will add more materials, even more rarities and they will also be needed for building your very own buildings.

Down below you can check all the raw / refined materials, which professions are needed to gather / refine them and some example recipes for the refining process.

Copper Ore
Tin Ore
Iron Ore
Gathered by
Gathered by
Gathered by
Birch Wood
Oak Wood
Teak Wood
Refined by Carpenter
Copper Bar
Tin Bar
Iron Bar
Refined by Blacksmith
Refined by Tiffany
Blacksmith profession needed
3x Copper Ore


1x Copper Bar
Carpenter profession needed
3x Teak


1x Teak Wood
Tailor profession needed
3x Flax


1x Linen

*All formulas and recipes can be found here