Waxel Ninjas Backstory – Demon

The demon Waxel Ninjas were born in the fiery pits of the underworld, where they learned to harness the power of the flames to their advantage. Their homeland was a place of constant strife and battle, where the strongest and most cunning demons prevailed. They were feared and hated by other races, often blamed for the misfortunes and disasters that befell the world.

The demon Waxel Ninjas were a proud and fierce race, with a deep sense of loyalty to their own kind. Believing that power and strength were the sole indicators of worth, they considered themselves to be the superior race. They held a contemptuous view of other races, frequently preying on them for sport or personal gain.

However, as time went on, the demon Waxel Ninjas began to see the limitations of their ways. Their battles were becoming increasingly difficult to win, and their aggression had made them many enemies. They realized that their strength alone could not protect them from the dangers of the world.

When the Shadowfall occurred, the demon Waxel Ninjas were forced to face their greatest challenge yet. The event posed a threat to everything dear to them, and they were aware that facing it alone would be impossible. They begrudgingly formed an alliance with the other races, but remained wary and mistrustful of them.

Through the trials and tribulations of the Shadowfall, the demon Waxel Ninjas came to appreciate the value of cooperation and unity. They began to see the other races as potential allies rather than mere enemies. They also learned to control their aggression and use their power for good, rather than solely for their own gain.

Today, the demon Waxel Ninjas are still a proud and powerful race, but they have embraced a more inclusive and progressive outlook, contributing their distinct talents and skills to the wider Waxel Ninja community. Rather than solely focusing on personal advancement, they now strive to use their abilities for the greater good of their new home, the Waxel World.