Waxel Ninjas Backstory – Undead

The undead Waxel Ninjas were once a mysterious and feared race, shrouded in darkness and whispers of necromancy. According to legend, their former glory was marred by their insatiable desire for power and eternal life, leading them astray. They began to experiment with dark magic and necromancy, seeking to extend their lives and gain greater power. However, their experiments went horribly wrong, and they became cursed with an eternal existence as the undead.

As they were feared and mistrusted by the other races, the undead Waxel Ninjas lived in isolation, hiding in the shadows and practicing their dark arts. They were skilled in the art of stealth and assassination, using their undead powers to move unseen and undetected. Becoming adept at navigating the darkness, they were often called upon for missions that required a more discreet approach.

Despite their fearsome reputation, the undead Waxel Ninjas were not content with their solitary existence. Longing for acceptance and recognition, they knew that their undead state would prevent them from ever gaining it. Seeking a way to break the curse and rejoin the living, their attempts were always met with failure.

It wasn’t until the Shadowfall occurred that the undead Waxel Ninjas saw an opportunity for redemption. The catastrophic event threatened the very existence of all Waxel Ninjas, and they knew that they could not survive alone. Realizing the need to work with the other races to find a new home and escape the Shadowfall, they set aside their dark arts and offered their skills as stealthy fighters and assassins to help the cause.

Over time, the undead Waxel Ninjas began to gain the trust and respect of the other races. They showed bravery and loyalty in battles and proved that they were willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Through their efforts, they became an integral part of the Waxel Ninjas, using their skills for the betterment of their people and the protection of their new home, the Waxel World. Although their curse remains, the undead Waxel Ninjas have found a sense of purpose and belonging among the other races, and are no longer feared and shunned, but respected and valued members of society.