Waxel Ninjas Backstory – Human

The human Waxel Ninjas were once a proud and thriving race, known for their intelligence, leadership, and cultural sophistication. They were descendants of a great civilization that rose to power through mastery of science, magic, and warfare. Their cities were marvels of engineering and design, filled with grand structures, bustling markets and streets. The human Waxel Ninjas were respected and admired by the other races for their achievements and contributions to the world.

However, as their civilization grew, the human Waxel Ninjas became increasingly insular and arrogant. They viewed themselves as superior to the other races and looked down on those who lived outside their cities. They built walls and fortifications to protect themselves from the “barbaric” orcs in the mountains, the “deathly” undead in the shadows, the “magical” elves in the forests and the “chaotic” demons beyond their borders.

Despite their wealth and power, the human Waxel Ninjas faced internal struggles, as different factions vied for control and influence. The ruling class was made up of the wealthy and influential, who lived in opulence and comfort, while the common people lived in poverty and worked long hours to support them. Over time, the society became divided, and unrest began to simmer among the people.

The human Waxel Ninjas were faced with a major challenge when the Shadowfall occurred. The catastrophic event threatened the very existence of their world, and the human Waxel Ninjas were forced to come to terms with their pride and prejudice. They realized that they could not escape the Shadowfall on their own and that they needed the help of the other races to survive. It was a humbling experience, and the human Waxel Ninjas learned to work together with the other races to find a new home.

Today, the human Waxel Ninjas have undergone a transformation. They have abandoned their haughty demeanor and adopted the principles of collaboration and unity. Despite still serving as leaders among the Waxel Ninjas in their mission to safeguard their new home, they have also become more accepting, acknowledging the value of the various races’ unique talents. Although they are proud of their heritage and customs, they have also come to appreciate the diversity and similarities of others, working towards a brighter future in the Waxel World.