Check out the following details to get an overview about the game

  • All details regarding the Waxel World can be found here
  • For the best gaming experience you should own at least 1 Waxel Ninja
  • A short manual that explains the game can be found here
  • All formulas and recipes can be found here
  • Our FAQ can be found here
  • If you need further help, join our Discord and ask there
  • Only playable on desktop devices (computer, laptop etc.)
    • You can try playing it on a mobile device but we can’t guarantee that it will work at all as our game is using the WebGL technology
  • By playing the game you automatically accept our Terms of Service

Please keep in mind that this is the very first version of the game, the blockchain / NFT space is new and still evolving so there will be bugs here and there.
Especially the UI reacts slowly to the blockchain actions you do inside the game so please give it time to update properly.