With the Waxel Ninjas Wallet Checker you are able to type a WAX wallet in the appropriate field (for example your own), hit “CHECK” and all Waxel Ninjas that belong to the wallet will be displayed.

You can also find a similar view for the listed Waxel Ninjas on the secondary market here.


  • After the table has fully loaded you will be able to filter by all the different traits and sort by rarity or when the Waxel Ninjas have been received
  • The value next to the “star” icon is the rating based on the rarity from our Waxel Ninjas Rarity Table (the higher the more rare).
  • Next to the first 6 traits you can see bubbles in 5 different colors:
    • White = Common
    • Green = Uncommon
    • Blue = Rare
    • Purple = Epic
    • Orange = Legendary