Waxel Ninjas Backstory

Before the Shadowfall, the different races of the Waxel Ninjas had distinct characteristics that set them apart from each other.

The human Waxel Ninjas were a proud race, known for their intelligence and leadership. They were skilled in navigating the world and had a strong sense of community. Their cities were well-organized, with a clear hierarchy of power and a strong military presence. They were seen as cultured and sophisticated, but also arrogant and aloof, often looking down on the other races as inferior.

The orc Waxel Ninjas lived in the mountains and were known for their strength and endurance. Their independence and emphasis on strength made them fiercely independent. Primitive customs and quick temper earned them a reputation as barbarians, making their society much more primitive compared to others. Despite being a source of fascination for other races, tensions arose between them and the human Waxel Ninjas due to their rugged lifestyle and different cultural values.

The undead Waxel Ninjas were a mysterious race, shrouded in mystery and fear. They were seen as deathly and terrifying, and often kept to themselves. Their stealth and agility made them formidable fighters, but using dark magic and necromancy often made other races fear and mistrust them. They lived in the shadows, away from the light, and their existence was often the subject of rumours and legends. The ability to move unseen and undetected made them an asset to the Waxel Ninjas during the Shadowfall, but their dark magic also made them a liability in the eyes of the others.

The elf Waxel Ninjas were known for their magic and wisdom. They lived in the lush forests and were seen as peaceful and harmonious. They were skilled in using their magic to heal and protect, and were often called upon to mediate disputes between other races. An aversion to violence made them a beacon of peace, but also a hindrance during times of conflict. Proud and rich in history and culture, the elves were often seen as the most noble and enlightened of the Waxel Ninjas.

The demon Waxel Ninjas were seen as chaotic and dangerous. They were known for their power and ferocity, striking fear into the hearts of the other races. Their origins were shrouded in mystery and considered an anomaly by the other races. Quick to anger, they would not hesitate to use their power to achieve their goals. They were often seen as untrustworthy and dangerous. This often put them in conflict with other races, particularly the opposite in nature, the elf Waxel Ninjas.

As time went on, the rivalries between the different races only grew stronger, and cooperation between them seemed like an impossible dream. That was until the Shadowfall occurred. The catastrophic event was too powerful for any one race to defeat on its own, and the Waxel Ninjas were forced to come together. They discovered that survival required the unique skills and abilities of each race. To protect their new home, they had to learn to depend on one another.

Today, the Waxel Ninjas continue to thrive in the Waxel World, united in their determination to protect their new home and maintain the peace. The lesson learned from the Shadowfall still echoes in the minds of everyone, reminding them of the importance of cooperation and unity. The Waxel Ninjas are known as skilled warriors, fierce fighters and now loyal friends. The  journey to find the Waxel World will always be remembered as a legend among their people.