Waxel is AtomicHub’s latest Platinum Creator’s Choice

We are very happy to announce that we won the voting for AtomicHub’s latest Platinum Creator’s Choice! What does that mean for us? We will make sure to use the credits to promote Waxel when we have a big announcement or when the market turns bullish to get as much eyes on us as possible. …

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Waxel World Lore – Waxel Ninjas Backstory

It is time for our 2nd Waxel World lore piece. This time we focused on the backstory of the Waxel Ninjas. What was before and after the Shadowfall and what are the links between the different races? You can check it out here!

Waxel World Lore – Official Start

Lore is an integral part of any game and therefore today we are officially starting the lore for the Waxel World! The very first story is “The Shadowfall“! All lore pieces will be collected on the “Waxel World Lore” page and more will be slowly added over the coming years.On our website we also added …

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Waxel World – Update 1.2.0

It took a bit longer as we wanted to release this new update because of a VERY nasty bug, BUT we fixed and can finally go live with it 🙂 Content including in this update: Please reload the play page and empty your cache in order to get the newest game client loaded. (ctrl + f5) Next …

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Focus on “Play & Own” instead of “Play 2 Earn”

Most people that are here for months or even years had to realise at some point, that the “Play 2 Earn” or “Play and Earn” model was never really sustainable in the first place. What we had, have been NFT projects popping up left and right like no tomorrow with fancy graphics, a lot of …

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2022 Waxel Recap and Future

Hard to believe, but the year 2022 has nearly ended. Let us recap what we achieved, what the current stat is and future plans. What we achieved We are super proud of what we have achieved with this community and our small team this year! Current state Unfortunately the past months have been very rough …

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