Waxel PFP – 40% Discount Until Mint End

We decided to reduce the price for each Waxel PFP by 40% until the mint ends!
So each Waxel PFP can now be purchased for 30 $WAXP down from 50 $WAXP on NFTHive.io.

Reasoning behind this:

  • From the beginning our plan was to sell each PFP for around $2 priced in $WAXP
    • This was the case in September / October when $WAXP was around $0.04, but now the price is around $0.06-0.065 per $WAXP
  • The main goal with these PFPs was to get them into the hands of as many people in the WAX community as possible, hence why we collaborated with 20 other known projects in the space
  • Special deal for the Christmas season and closing out the year 🙂

Also if anyone has missed the new added utilities since the drop started:


We added a 10% referral fee to the drop!

Just click on the “Copy Referral” icon above the preview animation on the drop page, share that link with your friends and earn 10% from the amount they spend on the drop 🙂

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