The Waxel World is a play to earn / play and earn NFT game on the WAX blockchain with a charming pixel art style.

Every game asset in the Waxel World is an NFT or can be minted into one.
This way, you as the player, truly own every asset from the game.
You alone can decide what you want to do with your earned / bought NFTs. You can either trade, sell, buy or even burn your NFTs.

On this page you will find a short overview of the gameplay and everything that is part of the Waxel World and of course the official Waxel World trailer to get a feeling for the game:

  1. Waxel Ninjas are used to find new citizens
    • The maximum amount of usable Waxel Ninjas at the same time can be extended by adding settlement upgrades
  2. Citizens and a corresponding “Book of Profession” (bought from our ingame shop) can be blended into a profession
  3. A profession with the “gatherer” attribute can be sent to work in order to find raw materials
    • The maximum amount of usable gatherer professions at the same time can be extended by adding settlement upgrades
  4. A profession with the “refiner” attribute can refine the raw materials to get refined materials
  5. A profession with the “crafter” attribute can use the refined materials to craft items
  6. Items can be equipped on professions with the “gatherer” attribute in order to boost their work efficiency

As stated before, every asset you can see in the graphic is an NFT or can be transformed into one in order to be traded, sold or bought on a secondary marketplace.

You can check out the following videos regarding the gameplay in the current development version:

School with Smart Contract integration

Camp with Smart Contract integration

Town Hall with Smart Contract integration

Please keep in mind that this is an early development stage version and all values for timings etc. are just for quicker testing purposes!

As you can see in the infographic, the Waxel Ninjas are the core NFT of the Waxel World similar to “land plots” in most other blockchain games.
Every couple of hours each of your Waxel Ninjas will have a chance of finding a new citizen.
The more rare the “race” attribute of your Waxel Ninja is, the faster you will be able to find new citizens and the higher the success rate will be.

The only way to get citizens is by either finding them with your Waxel Ninjas or by buying them on the secondary market.
Having a certain amount of citizens will allow you to blend them into a profession together with the corresponding book of profession.

There are 3 types of professions: gatherers, refiners and crafters.
Gatherers can be send to work in order to gather raw materials.
Refiners can take a certain amount of raw materials and refine them into refined materials and crafters can craft items.

There are 2 types of materials: raw materials and refined materials with 3 different rarities.
Raw materials can be found by professions with the attribute “gatherer”.
The raw materials can be refined into refined materials by professions with the attribute “refiner” and then be used to craft items.

Items can be crafted by professions with the attribute “crafter”.
There are 3 different items with 3 different rarities.
Every profession with the attribute “gatherer” can equip 3 different items and each item boosts the efficiency of the profession in a different way (the more rare the item, the higher the boost).

Every settlement is limited to 10 Waxel Ninjas, 10 miners, 10 lumberjacks and 10 farmers per wallet to be usable at the same time.
In order to extend the maximum amount, you will need to acquire the respective NFT which is a “Camp” for Waxel Ninjas, “Field” for farmers, “Forest” for lumberjacks and “Mine” for miners.

These are just the first gameplay features for the launch of the Waxel World. In the future the current gameplay features will be extended and also completely new ones will be added such as pets, buildings, a food and energy system, leaderboards, our very own Waxel Token, the “Waxel Hero” and many more.