Release of “Waxel Rush”

It is time to show you what we have been working on the past weeks.

Our 2nd game “Waxel Rush“, an endless runner / infinite runner with the known Waxel pixel art style and your beloved Waxel Ninjas just got released!

You can play right away by opening the Waxel Rush page and logging in with your WAX wallet.


Game mechanics

  • Every second you get a certain amount of points and the goal is to get the highest possible score for as long a you are alive (you get 3 lives per round)
  • The game gets faster and faster until it hits max speed
  • 3 different blocks spawn at different positions you can jump on
  • There is just one action you can use and that is jumping
    • Single jump / double jump / hold jump to stay longer in the air
    • You can use your left mouse button, spacebar on your keyboard, tab on smarpthones or even a gaming controller
  • For the initial version there are no NFTs or tokens involved
    • You only need a WAX wallet and are able to play it just for fun (like games should be, right?)
  • Please keep in mind that this is only the very first version and therefore still pretty basic

Future plans

  • NFTs are going to be involved in future updates which could range from different playable characters / skins / backgrounds etc.
    • These could even be NFTs from other collections we collab with
  • Being able to use the assets you find / gather / craft from the Waxel World like citizens / materials / items
    • For example a consumable asset that serves as an additional life (but only once per game) or a weapon
  • Additional game mechanics like being able to collect coins, collect / use power ups, enemies, weapons etc.
  • New levels with different visuals and even completely different game mechanics
    • For example instead of getting points every second, you will have to collect coins or kill enemies
  • Adding weather effects like wind, rain, snow etc.


  • This is an additional project next to the Waxel World and we will develop both things at the same time
  • What we develop and learn here, also benefits the development of the Housing System as we are using the same engine and are therefore able to reuse a lot of stuff
    • For example the handling of the settings menu, sounds, feedbacks, pulling of blockchain data to change visuals based on your NFTs and a lot of backend related stuff

We hope you are going to love this little game as much as we already do.
What we wanted to show you with Waxel Rush is that we want to accomplish more with Waxel, than just being one more of the mostly monotonous “play to earn” games out there with clicking and waiting to then sell your gathered stuff.
We want to develop games that really make fun to play them and be part of a community.

PS: We can’t wait for your feedback and ideas in our Discord and on Twitter 🙂

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