2021 – Q2

Start of Waxel

Release of the Waxel Ninja avatars.

2021 – Q3

Waxel Ninjas Collectible

Release of the Waxel Ninjas.

Every Waxel Ninja from this collection will be fully integrated in the Waxel World and function as the core for it.

Later down the line more NFTs will be integrated to give additional functionality, but the Waxel Ninjas will stay in the focus and pretty much act like “Land Plots” known from other NFT games.

2021 – Q4 until 2022 – July 2022

Waxel World

Release of the play to earn / play and earn game Waxel World.

The vision behind the Waxel World is to create NFTs that populate the world by starting with the Waxel Ninja continent.

Imagine the Waxel Ninja continent in which new resources are gathered such as ore, crop, wood, fish and more in order to create new items such as tools, weapons, armour and buildings.

We want to create a complete ecosystem where every asset created has a purpose and is more than “just” a collectible.

All future news regarding the Waxel World can be found here in our blog posts.

2022 – Q3+

Housing System

– Owning a parcel of land in the Waxel World
– Building of a house on your parcel of land to create your new “home”
– Upgrading your house (making it bigger)
– Decorate and design the interior and exterior of your house
– New gatherer, refiner and crafter professions
– New materials and further use cases for current materials
– New crafting recipes for all kind of items like furniture, decorations etc. to customise your home
– Possibility to run around on your parcel of land and inside your house


Extending the Waxel World

Extending the Waxel World with the following content:

– Leaderboards
– Referral system
– New professions (hunter, fisher, cook etc.)
– Food & energy system
– Waxel Hero (actual usable ingame character with different outfits, armor, weapons etc. with whom you will be able to run around in your settlement)
– Missions / Dungeons
– Companions / Pets
– More continents
– Lore
– Waxel Town(s)
– Creation of our own Waxel token
– Lending system
– Staking system

*Order and content is subject to change as these are just rough ideas to show the possibilities for the Waxel World

After the release of the Waxel World we will first need to see how the economy evolves and gather feedback.
Only after that has happened, we will be able to have a more narrowed down timeline on what will be done next and when.
These are the current ideas we have and we are sure that there are way more.

We want to evolve the Waxel World with you, the community, together!

While we are working on the Waxel World, there will still be collaborations with other projects, special Waxel Goodies drops, extension of the Waxel Friends and podcasts.

*Everything on this page is subject to change