Waxel World News #27

After a bumpy start and several updates, we are finally in a pretty stable state regarding the current Waxel World as transactions are propagated correctly with just occasional issues here and there

Waxel Ninjas – New Trait Influence: EYES!

With the release of the Waxel World, only the “Race” trait of the Waxel Ninjas had an influence in the game. Depending on how rare the “Race” trait of your Waxel Ninja is, the faster and with a higher chance he is able to find Citizens. Today we are going to implement the “Eyes” trait …

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Spooktober Event Statistics

Spooktober is over and we have some statistics regarding our event for you:  A total of 988 parts have been found within the last week, divided into the following parts:  Tombstone Part #1: 95x Tombstone Part #2: 88x Tombstone Part #3: 87x Tombstone Part #4: 96x Tombstone Part #5: 92x Tombstone Part #6: 78x The …

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Waxel Ninjas – New Trait Influence?

Pretty much all of you know that the Waxel Ninjas have 10 different traits, but at the moment only the “Race” trait has an influence in the Waxel World. We wanted to inform you that we are going to introduce another trait that will have an influence in the Waxel World next week! It will …

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Waxel Halloween 2022

The Waxel Ninjas decided to have another look in the ruins they already investigated during The Great Storm and they had to realise this time something felt different… The door on one of the buildings was completely destroyed. The Waxel Ninjas looked at each other and were in agreement to have a closer look. Arriving …

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Lost Treasures – The Grand Opening

It is finally time to open your Lost Treasure chests! Over the course of 1 week 1,647 treasure chest parts have been found: 278x Treasure Chest Part #1 269x Treasure Chest Part #2 262x Treasure Chest Part #3 285x Treasure Chest Part #4 296x Treasure Chest Part #5 257x Treasure Chest Part #6 After 1 …

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