Waxel – Top 5 best WAX blockchain games of 2022 by NFT Insider

We are thrilled to share our excitement about being featured in NFT Insider’s video on the top 5 best WAX blockchain games of 2022!
This is an incredible honor for us and a testament to the hard work and dedication we have put into creating a game that we are proud of.

Being featured in NFT Insider’s video is a huge milestone for us. It is a validation of our efforts to create a game that combines the excitement of retro gaming with a charming pixel art style and blockchain / NFT technology to offer true ownership. We are proud to be recognised as one of the top games on the WAX blockchain, alongside other amazing games like Warsaken and Splinterlands.

We are grateful to NFT Insider for featuring us in their video and helping to spread the word about Waxel and the WAX blockchain, but without you, the community, this wouldn’t be possible.
Therefore we wanted to thank you for being here with us and can’t wait to see what the future will hold for Waxel!

PS: Remember that this is just the beginning and with the future release of the Housing System, we will convert Waxel World into a “real” game!

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