Housing System – Next Milestone for the Waxel World

Over the last week we sat down and discussed a lot what the next big milestone could be for the Waxel World.
In what direction should our game go? Singleplayer or multiplayer? Be a “clicker” or include actual movement? PVP or PVE?

Everyone who is familiar with our roadmap, knows that the possibilities for the Waxel World are endless, but taking into account the capabilities and size of our team, funding, what would take less time to develop and still add a lot of gameplay, we came to the conclusion that our next big milestone will be the integration of a “Housing System“.

Why start with the Housing System?

  • It creates a very good base we can build new features on like for example pets, gardening etc.
  • Works very good as a singleplayer game
    • Development of singleplayer games is easier than multiplayer games as there is less stuff on the technical side to consider
    • Also a multiplayer part can still be added later
  • Very big material sink
    • The amount of items we can add for you to personalise and decorate your home are pretty much endless
    • Current materials will get further use cases and of course new materials will be added continuously
  • Allows us to introduce a good amount of new professions and extend the capabilities of the current ones
  • The first step for the “Metaverse” we have in mind
    • Having a “digital” place that you can call your own home in the NFT space
    • Something very personal and special as you will be able to shape it in your own way and taste
    • In the future connecting with other projects / games

Planned content for the Housing System:

  • Owning a parcel of land in the Waxel World
  • Building of a house on your parcel of land to create your new “home”
  • Upgrading your house (making it bigger)
  • Decorate and design the interior and exterior of your house
  • New gatherer, refiner and crafter professions
  • New materials and further use cases for current materials
  • New crafting recipes for all kind of items like furniture, decorations etc. to customise your home
  • Possibility to run around on your parcel of land and inside your house

Concept phase was already started last week and we have worked out the basics.
As usual we will keep you informed about the progress and direction we are planning to go 😉

We are eager to hear your thoughts about our plans so join the #general channel of our Discord and tell us what you think 🙂

PS: Of course our roadmap was already adjusted

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