Waxel Ninjas Backstory – Orc

Living in the mountains, the orc Waxel Ninjas were known for their remarkable physical strength and endurance. Along with their belief in the importance of a strong connection to nature and the spiritual world, they believed that true power required the balance of both physical and spiritual strength. They were a fiercely independent tribe, and their traditional customs and short temper sometimes caused them to be perceived as barbaric by other Waxel Ninja races.

Despite their reputation, the orcs had a deep sense of community and brotherhood. They were loyal to their tribe and way of life. The orcs had a unique set of customs, which were passed down from generation to generation. They had a deep respect for the natural world and would often perform rituals to appease the spirits that resided there. These customs were a source of pride for the orcs, and they were fiercely protective of them.

Although the orcs had a strong connection to the spiritual world, they were still impacted by the Shadowfall as much as the other Waxel Ninja races. However, their ability to sense the impending danger allowed them to better prepare for it. The orcs worked together quickly to develop a plan to assist the other races in escaping the chaos. Using their immense physical strength and endurance, the orcs have been of huge support to their fellow Waxel Ninjas. Despite facing the same dangers as the other races, the orcs were able to remain calm and focused during the crisis.

The orcs’ heroic efforts during the Shadowfall went unrecognized by many, but their bravery and selflessness did not go unnoticed by the other races. In fact, their actions earned them the respect and admiration of those who had previously viewed them as barbaric. The orcs demonstrated that strength is not just physical, but also comes from within. They proved that true power is achieved through unity and cooperation, not just individual strength. The Shadowfall may have been a dark time for the Waxel Ninjas, but the orcs’ selfless acts of heroism provided a glimmer of hope and a reminder of the importance of working together in times of crisis.

After the Shadowfall, the orcs chose to integrate themselves into the Waxel Ninja community, adopting new practices and beliefs while still maintaining their customs and rituals as a source of pride. Today, they thrive as an essential part in the Waxel World, highly regarded for their physical prowess, endurance, and connection to nature. They remain fiercely independent but have also learned the value of cooperation and collaboration, working with the other races to protect their shared home. The orcs’ decision to integrate has brought many benefits, enabling them to share their unique strengths with the other races and to learn new skills and perspectives. They are a shining example of how cooperation and understanding can lead to strength and success in the face of adversity.