Waxel World News #29

Whoever follows us closely knows that we have done a lot the past month regarding the development of the upcoming Housing system.
With this post we wanted to wrap up, what we have achieved since the last Waxel World news and what the next steps are going to be.


  • In update 1.3.0 the big refactoring of the codebase has been finished, new UI elements got added including a proper settings menu, sounds for buttons etc. and it marked the start for everyone to check out the Housing area for the very first time
  • Some users had performance issues that got fixed

Housing System

What has been done
  • Everyone can open the Housing area and try it out for himself while running and dashing around!
  • All houses are now integrated in the game client with the functionality to go inside and outside
    • Unfortunately you won’t be able to try that out, as the NFTs needed for it are not available yet
  • Added a tooltip functionality
    • If you don’t own a house, now a sign will be displayed that you can interact with showing a tooltip
    • All currently available professions have been added to the housing map and showing a tooltip when you go near them
  • A LOT of trees are now displayed around the complete housing map for the areas that are not accessible instead of just a black background
    • This way the map feels more immersive and more like your own private area inside the woods of the Waxel World
  • Adjusted background when you go inside your home, so it looks just like from outside for a more immersive feeling
  • Last year we had a Halloween and Christmas event where you have been able to find NFT parts in order to create a new coupon NFTs that we promised you will be able to redeem for the “real” housing NFTs to use inside your house
    • If you happen to own any of these coupon NFTs, they will be displayed somewhere in the Housing area (going live with the next update)
    • We thought that this is a nice addition in the meantime until the final release of the Housing system
    • Prior to the release you will be able to redeem them for the “real” housing NFTs that you can then place and move around inside your home
Next steps
  • Development of the “edit” mode while being inside a house to place and move around your soon to be owned housing NFTs
    • Importing of all the furniture and decoration assets in a tileset in order to implement them in the game client
    • First furniture assets will be made public as sneak peeks in our Discord in the coming days / weeks as there are A LOT


  • Our Waxel World lore section has grown to 7 stories in total, covering The Shadowfall, the Waxel Ninjas backstory and one for each race
    • The next lore pieces will revolve around the professions, but it will take a while before we release these

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