Waxel Halloween 2022

The Waxel Ninjas decided to have another look in the ruins they already investigated during The Great Storm and they had to realise this time something felt different…

The door on one of the buildings was completely destroyed. The Waxel Ninjas looked at each other and were in agreement to have a closer look. Arriving at the door they saw a staircase leading downwards.

Slowly they went down the stairs into the cellar and had to realise that it was not an ordinary one. All over the place they could see grey, black and orange parts. One of the the Waxel Ninjas whispered “What… is… this… all… about…?!”

Event Details


  • Instead of just having these NFTs as goodies / collectibles, we want them to be special limited NFTs that you will be able to use as furniture / decorations in our upcoming housing system!
    • As we don’t have all the details, schemas and templates ready for the housing system, these NFTs will serve as “coupons”
    • This means, when the housing system is going to be released, you will be able to blend them into the real furniture / decoration NFTs suited for the housing system and able to place them in your home
    • Please keep in mind that the visuals could slightly change until then, as we will make them need to fit the in-game dimensions
  • While the “Waxel Halloween 2022” event is running, the finding of “Old Book Page” NFTs from “The Great Storm” event will be disabled
  • Happy finding and trading

Game mechanic

  • Every Waxel Ninja will be able to find 1 of 6 different “Parts” from 3 different NFTs by using the regular “Search” feature (this is of course on top of finding of Citizens):
  • We call the NFTs “Coupons”
  • The chance to find 1 part is going to be different depending on the NFT:
    • Tombstone parts = 15%
    • Cauldron parts = 10%
    • Pumpkin parts = 5%
  • The 6 different parts for each NFT can then be combined / blended into the final NFT
    • For example regarding the “Tombstone – Coupon” NFT This means you will need “Tombstone – Part #1”, “Tombstone – Part #2”, “Tombstone – Part #3” etc. to get the actual “Tombstone – Coupon”
  • Of course all NFTs can be traded / sold / bought on the secondary market or directly with other players (feel free to use our #trades channel)
  • Here is an example of the 6 different parts for the “Tombstone – Coupon”:

Time frame

  • Your Waxel Ninjas will be able to find the 18 different “Part” NFTs for ~8 days
    • From now 24th of October until the 31st of October 11:59 PM CEST
  • The different parts can be combined / blended for 1 year until next Halloween

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