The Great Storm

For weeks, sunshine has accompanied the Waxel Ninjas during their search for Citizens, but even on the sunniest days, the Waxel Ninjas could feel the cold winds who crawled up their backs and left behind an icy cold that went through marrow and bone.

Last night a great storm reached the Waxel World and devastated big parts of it.

All residents gathered this morning to start fixing parts of the settlement that got broken while one Waxel Ninja came back from his search for new Citizens holding something in his hand they haven’t seen before.

It was an old book page with barely legible characters. He told the residents that he found it near the ruins and so the Waxel Ninjas decided to further investigate them…

Technical Details

  • During the event while your Waxel Ninjas search for Citizens, they will be able to also find the newly introduced “Old Book Page” NFT
    • The chance of finding one is going to be 7% for the first week and afterwards reduced to 3%
      • *EDIT – 02.11.2022 – With the introduction of the “Eyes trait“, the base chance is now 5.5%
  • The old book pages are used to blend profession books
    • 7 old book pages are needed to blend one profession book of your choice
    • You can blend them by using the specific blends on our collection page at NeftyBlocks

This is the very first of many in-game events to come 🙂

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