Waxel Ninjas – New Trait Influence: EYES!

With the release of the Waxel World, only the “Race” trait of the Waxel Ninjas had an influence in the game. Depending on how rare the “Race” trait of your Waxel Ninja is, the faster and with a higher chance he is able to find Citizens.

Today we are going to implement the “Eyes” trait as the second trait to have an influence in the Waxel World!

A couple weeks ago we introduced the feature that Waxel Ninjas can find extra NFTs while searching for Citizens.
We thought that giving Waxel Ninjas a higher chance of finding these extra NFTs would be a good use case and instead to letting the “Race” trait influence this, we wanted to use a new trait for it.
The “Eyes” trait seemed as the perfect fit here and therefore from today on it will influence the “final chance” of finding extra NFTs as follows:

EyesRarityBonus chanceExample final chance
(Based on finding extra NFT chance = 5%)
BrownCommon100%100% * 5% = 5%
GreenUncommon120%120% * 5% = 6%
BlueRare150%150% * 5% = 7.5%
WhiteEpic200%200% * 5% = 10%
RedLegendary400%400% * 5% = 20%

Let us try to go a bit more into detail here to explain it better with real examples:

  • If the chance of finding an extra NFT is 5% and your Waxel Ninja has “Green” eyes, he will have a chance of 6% in finding the extra NFT while a Waxel Ninja with “Brown” eyes would only have 5% and a Waxel Ninja with “Red” eyes would have a chance of whooping 20%
  • Additionally having a combination of a rare “Race” and “Eyes” trait can be very beneficial
    • For example a “Demon” Waxel Ninja with “Red” eyes would be able to find an extra NFT every 10 hours AND the high bonus chance on top
  • Also looking solely at finding extra NFTs, “Human” Waxel Ninjas with for example “Red” eyes are now going to be very beneficial

We hope that you like the implementation of the 2nd trait for the Waxel Ninjas in the Waxel World.

Because of the implementation of the “Eyes” trait we are going to adjust the base chance of finding “Old Book Page” NFTs from 7% to 5.5% so the overall found amount of these NFTs on average is pretty much the same as before.

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