Waxel World – Update 1.3.0

After a lot of hours, the refactoring of pretty much the whole Unity (game client) code is finished and even some new things got added while doing that 😉

Content including in this update:


  • Pretty much the whole Unity (game client) code got refactored by removing a lot of dead code, optimising how things get loaded and restructuring to be faster in developing new features and maintaining already developed ones
  • Sounds have been added for the UI (clicking on elements and hovering on the buildings)
  • A new “Settings” menu got added like you already know it from Waxel Rush to mute / unmute the music, SFX and UI and will be saved over different game sessions
  • A better “Fullscreen” experience by handling it inside the game client (a new button was added at the bottom right)
  • Added a little surprise on the login screen 😉


  • The way how the different menus (Town Hall, Camp, Workshop etc.) get loaded has been restructured
    • Instead of having them all in their own “scene” and being forced to load and drop all the elements when you opened and closed them, they are now all included in one big “scene”, the “Map”
    • This allows for easier loading and handling of game elements
  • The shown characters (citizens and professions) have been transformed into “real” NPCs that you will be able to interact with in the future instead of just being animated images
  • Added a little surprise just like on the login screen 😉


  • Added an “Intro” popup that explains the current state of the housing system and what is possible while opening it for the first time
  • Added the resources (not intractable), back top map, events, account and settings menus like you know them from the “Map” scene
  • Added some NPCs for now so you are not lonely 😉

Please reload the play page and empty your cache in order to get the newest game client loaded. (ctrl + f5)

Next steps

  • Housing, housing, housing and housing!
    • Now that we have a good code base, we can focus on adding everything that is needed for a proper housing system so stay tuned for the next updates and sneak peeks
  • More Waxel World lore pieces

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