Waxel World News #30

Let us check out what has been done in the past weeks regarding the Waxel World.


  • In update 1.4.0 we updated the Unity game development client from the latest 2021 to the latest 2022 version which resulted in an overall performance boost according to some of our players

Housing System

What has been done
  • If you own a Waxel Ninja Avatar, it will now be displayed in a big sign post in the Housing area
  • Added dynamic shadows for all characters and objects (shadows for objects will be added in the next update)
Next steps
  • Updating the “waxjs” library to the latest version until the 30th of April in order to still be able and use the WAX cloud wallet
  • Adding 10% fee when Citizens and materials are minted as NFTs to work as a little deflation mechanism and making multi accounting less attractive
  • Here is a also a little sneak peek video of the edit mode
    • “Edit” button is getting displayed when you enter your home and hidden when you leave it
    • By clicking on it the camera zooms out about 25% so you have a better overview
    • Also your wallet is getting checked for any Housing NFTs you are owning and then displayed in a list
  • Further development on the “edit” mode being able to click on the Housing items from the list and then place them inside your home


  • We had the Waxel Easter event where you have been able to win different Waxel NFTs while participating in an egg hunt in the housing area

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