Waxel PFP – Attributes

Let us have a deeper look at what attributes there are going to be for the Waxel PFP and show some examples so you get a better understanding of how they are going to be build together.

There are going to be the following 9 attributes:

  • Background (10)
  • Body (15)
  • Head (15)
  • Eyes (6)
  • Eyewear (5)
  • Headgear (13)
  • Accessory – Front (15)
  • Accessory – Back (6)
  • ??? (5)

*The number in brackets indicates how many variations we got at the moment and are subject to change until release


  • Each attribute is going to be randomised
  • Some variations of the attributes will be more rare than others
  • The attributes glasses, headgear, accessory – front, accessory – back and ??? can be “none” which means nothing would be rolled for these
  • The majority of the “body” and “head” variations will be mixed like we described it in the post Waxel PFP – Mix and Match of Character Parts
    • But there are going to be set special rules in place for some where they are going to always have to match (more on this in a later post)
  • The ??? attribute will be revealed later and we hope you are going to really like this one
  • Right now we got enough variations for nearly 1,000,000,000 different combinations, but the number will grow while we add more
    • Our main goal is to have as many as possible so every Waxel PFP not only is unique on paper but also looks different
    • This is also why we don’t go for boring variations where only the color is different


Matching bodies, different backgrounds and “none” for all attributes that can roll nothing:

Different eyewear :

Different headgear:

Different accessories (front and back):

PS: Please join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to give us feedback and share your ideas for more variations as we want to create this PFP with you together!

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