News regarding the Waxel Ninjas Collectible and Rarity Table

We took a little breather of 2 days after the super successful drop and haven’t communicated much, but we were still building further in the background and more stuff is already in the pipeline. First of all we wanted to inform you, that we decided to add the 100 reserved packs to the milestone goals …

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New Waxel Friend – Senor Lupe

Today is a special day, because our Waxel Friends family just got bigger! Please give a warm welcome to our newest friend Senor Lupe on the corresponding tweet. We now got 5 Waxel Friends which you can all check out here.

Post Launch News after the Waxel Ninjas Collectible Drop

We hope yesterday was as exciting for you as for us.According to all the messages and discussions in Discord, Twitter and Telegram it seemed that we all had a smooth launch and reveal experience. So let us wrap up what happened the past 24 hours with the Waxel Ninjas Collectible and more: Yesterday at around …

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Waxel Ninjas Collectible Drop

Information about the big Waxel Ninjas Collectible drop: All 3 drops will start at the same time on 08/08/2021 at 4PM CEST The drops are prepared and can be found here: Public – 8,900 packs – Everyone will be able to buy 5 packs every 60 seconds until all are sold out Public discounted – …

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Waxel at The Nifty show podcast

Today was a very special day for me (Ryu) personally as I was going to do something, that I never did before. At 11PM CEST I was live at the Nifty Show over at the guys Joel and Travis from the Bad Crypto Podcast.We talked about Waxel and the upcoming Waxel Ninjas Collectible sale this …

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