News regarding the Waxel Ninjas Collectible and Rarity Table

We took a little breather of 2 days after the super successful drop and haven’t communicated much, but we were still building further in the background and more stuff is already in the pipeline.

First of all we wanted to inform you, that we decided to add the 100 reserved packs to the milestone goals for the Waxel Ninjas Collectible.
We are now at 1531 sold packs and need 469 more until we reach our first milestone goal of 2000 sold packs.

We also wanted to show you our 2 new features that we have implemented for the Waxel Ninjas Rarity Table.

On the right side in the table there are now 2 new columns, the IMG and the Market column:

  • In the IMG column you will find a magnifier icon and by clicking on it, an image of the corresponding Waxel Ninja will be displayed in a lightbox popup
  • In the Market column there is a link that will redirect you to the corresponding Waxel Ninja on AtomicHub
    • That way you can see if the Waxel Ninja is on sale, owned by someone else or still in the packs (if the “owner” of the Waxel Ninja is “neftyblocksp”, than it is still in one of the packs)
  • Also the rarity table can now be found by hovering over “Waxel Ninjas Collectible” in the top navigation

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