Waxel Ninjas Collectible Drop

Information about the big Waxel Ninjas Collectible drop:

  • All 3 drops will start at the same time on 08/08/2021 at 4PM CEST
  • The drops are prepared and can be found here:
    • Public – 8,900 packs – Everyone will be able to buy 5 packs every 60 seconds until all are sold out
    • Public discounted – 500 packs – Everyone will be able to buy 1 pack every 60 seconds until all 500 are sold out
    • Whitelist – 500 packs – Everyone who is on the whitelist will be able to buy 1 pack every 60 seconds until all 500 are sold out
  • Snapshot for the whitelist contingent for people that are holding a Waxel Ninja avatar in their wallet will be taken on Saturday 7th of August 12PM CEST
    • You can check if you are on the whitelist by opening the whitelist drop page and NO red message is displayed at the top
  • Both public drops are protected by a captcha to make it as hard as possible for bots
  • You will be able to unpack your packs directly after you purchased them here
    • As all Waxel Ninjas will be pre-minted by NeftyBlocks it doesn’t matter when you open them so you don’t have to hunt for mint #1
    • Of course you can also keep, transfer, sell or burn them
  • 100 packs are reserved for giveaways, collaborations, incentives etc.
    • The 100 packs will be minted before the drop starts and we will unpack 1 of these to make sure that everything is working as planned

Upadte on Waxel Ninja Avatars – Series #1:

  • We decided that from now on everyone who is holding a Waxel Ninja Avatar from series 1 in his wallet will be on the whitelist for EVERY future drop that has a whitelist contingent
  • Speaking of Waxel Ninja avatars, we are currently running a giveaway for one in our #????giveaways channel in Discord so head over and click on the “tada” emoji there

On behalf of the whole team I also wanted to thank you all for the huge support we got from the beginning here in Discord, Twitter, Telegram, our partners and friends!

Without you we wouldn’t be able to reach over 700 Discord members and 1150 Twitter followers!

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