Post Launch News after the Waxel Ninjas Collectible Drop

We hope yesterday was as exciting for you as for us.
According to all the messages and discussions in Discord, Twitter and Telegram it seemed that we all had a smooth launch and reveal experience.

So let us wrap up what happened the past 24 hours with the Waxel Ninjas Collectible and more:

  • Yesterday at around 3:30 PM CEST we unpacked the first pack prior to the drop and see if everything is working according to plan and it did (we are going to do something special with this first ever unpacked Waxel Ninja)
  • At 4:00 PM CEST the sale started
  • At around 4:50 PM CEST we revealed our page with the overview of all minted Waxel Ninjas, rarities and table for filtering: Waxel Ninjas Rarity Table
  • 2:20 hours after the sale start we have sold a total of 1000 packs and 30 minutes later all packs from the whitelist contingent have been sold out
  • At 8:00 PM CEST also the discounted packs have been
  • While the sale was happening some Waxel Ninjas have also been listed on the secondary market where some people have been able to snipe quite super rare Waxel Ninjas at below pack prices
  • After 24 hours you guys have bought a total of 1277 packs
  • Meanwhile while this whole thing was happening
    • All 1,500 example Waxel Ninjas from our prior promotion / blending drop have also been sold out
    • 1 Waxel Ninja Avatar was bought for 2203.86 WAX on the secondary market and that is the all time top sale until now
    • We are #1 in the top collections list on NeftyBlocks
    • We have been on place #6 for total volume generated in the WAX NFT ecosystem with 306 buyers, 48 sellers and a volume of 187,800 WAX

As this was just the beginning we aren’t stopping here and are already into the next things:

  • We are working on collaborations / partnerships with other projects / artists
  • More custom Waxel Friends will be created
  • The Waxel Ninjas Rarity Table will get some more cool updates
  • Addition of some handy bots in Discord

If you want to support us, you could do the following:

  • Get the word out about our little Waxel project by commenting and retweeting our posts on Twitter
  • Write your own Tweets, flag us with @Waxel_NFT and Frittchen will make sure to like, retweet and comment
  • Recommending us among your friends and others in the NFT space (but please don’t blatantly shill)
  • Take part in our Discord discussions so people can see, that we are an active community

On behalf of the whole team I wanted to thank you a thousand times!
No words can describe how proud and happy we are with the community that is forming here!

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