New Waxel Friend – Rusty the Red Panda

Today is a good day, because our Waxel Friends family is getting bigger! Please welcome our newest member Rusty the Red Panda from the Red Pandas project πŸ™‚ With Rusty the Red Panda on our side, we are now having 8 Waxel Friends in total.

New Waxel Friend: Neon Space

The Waxel Friends family is welcoming the next friend! Please give a warm welcome to our newest friends Neon Space. We are now at 7 Waxel Friends and of course Neon Space has also been added to the Waxel Friends page. PS: I’m sure that there could be a collab in the future…

The Next Waxel Friend?

We’re looking for our next Waxel Friend and would like to hear your suggestions! Please recommend your favorite NFT artists in our Twitter post. We will gather some names and start a poll afterwards πŸ˜‰

New Waxel Friend: Paulie The Penguin

Yesterday we announced our Waxel Friends page and dropped the first Waxel Friends group photo. Just 1 day later and our Waxel Friends family is welcoming the next friend.Please give a warm welcome to our newest friend Paulie the Penguin from Pixel Labs NFTs. Not only is Paulie the Penguin now our friend, but we …

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Our Waxel Friends

Time has come to honor our Waxel Friends and give all of them a special place on our website: In the future every new Waxel Friend will be added to the page and the group photo will grow Speaking of the group photo we created a limited edition NFT that you will only be …

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