Waxel PFP – Update

Time to give you an update on the current progress of the Waxel PFP.


  • Since our last announcement the amount of different traits grew from 110 to over 130
  • We also added a 10th attribute called”Right hand”, so the PFPs could have traits where they not only hold something in the left, but also in the right hand
  • With the new attribute and over 20 new traits the amount of unique combinations went from 3,000,000,000 to over 75,000,000,000!
  • Yesterday we had a long session going through thousands of examples to make sure every PFP will look good
    • We made color adjustments, size adjustments and created rules to prohibit certain combinations as they didn’t look good together
  • Have a look at the attached examples for the new attribute and some traits we haven’t shown yet


  • There are going to be around 20 collab traits
  • We already talked with a couple projects, but not every single one we already created a trait for so the number could still change
  • Also you are still invited to make suggestions for more potential collabs 😉

Release Date

  • We are not yet finished with everything and a lot more testing is going to happen to make sure the Waxel PFPs will look as good as possible, but we are very confident with a release somewhere around mid to end of October
  • An earlier release would have been possible, but Frittchen will be on a 2 week vacation and I (Ryu) will be away for a couple days this week


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