Waxel Goodies Blending

As we were able to double our Discord member count since the last blendable drop with the Example Waxel Ninjas (the grey ones) from the WaxelGoodies schema, we are going to do another one!

Next week we will add more of the 3 Waxel Ninja Static NFTs (daggers / katana / staff) to be purchasable and are going to drop a new special background that was not even used for the Waxel Ninjas Collectible!

You will be able to blend the Example Waxel Ninjas together with this new Fall background (example attached) to create a new NFT,
So there will be 15 new mint #1 up for the fastest Ninjas in town!
The blends can be already seen here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/waxelninjas1/blends

In the coming days we will announce the date for the drop. The prices will stay the same as before (in $) – even after the recent 100% price increase for $WAX tokens.

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