We invested in the $NEFTY Token from NeftyBlocks

As some of you may know, today the $NEFTY token sale from NeftyBlocks started by offering their packs.

By holding a certain amount of $NEFTY tokens you are able to get level 1, 2 or 3.
The higher your level, the more features you will be able to use for your collection.
More information regarding this can be found in the according whitepaper.

We were able to buy enough $NEFTY tokens to reach the highest level 3!
Therefore we will be able to use ALL features from NeftyBlocks like using the super blender, special pre-minted packs, being featured as NeftyKing (special future perks), possibility for our NFTs to participate on NeftyQuest (further utility) and more.

With this investment we wanted to show you how much we believe in Waxel and that we want to deliver the best NFT experience possible in the WAX ecosystem for you all!

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