Waxel Goodies Drop – Fall Background

Time for the next Waxel Goodies drop!

Following up on our news from last week, here are all the informations for our next drop happening tomorrow on the 02.09.2021 at 4 PM CEST for some more blending action.

Our example Waxel Ninjas with the static animation and the special (not yet released) fall background from the Waxel Ninjas collectible can be bought for $1,50 per NFT:

  • We added 500 additional claims for the static daggers, katana and staff NFTs
  • The fall backround can be purchased 1000 times
  • Everyone will be able to purchase 5 NFTs per drop every 60 seconds

Holders of these NFTs will be able to blend them to the following 4 other animations by burning the static one:

  • 2x Static = Idle
  • 3x Static = Charge
  • 4x Static = Run
  • 5x Static = Attack

Afterwards you will be able to blend these (and the static one) together with the new background to 15 new NFTs!

All drops and more information regarding the possible blends:

Have fun and happy blending 🙂

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