Discord Invite Contest

We start another Discord Invite Contest in which the top 3 participants, with the most invited users, will win the following prices:

One Waxel Ninja Avatar (and all the benefits for avatar holder)

More info regarding the avatars can be found here: Waxel Ninja Avatars – Series #1


  • The Discord Invite Contest starts on 31/08/2021 on and runs 7 days until midnight (CEST) If you advertise the Discord Invite Contest on Social Media profiles, tag our profiles (Twitter: @Waxel_NFT / Instagram: @waxel_nft) and use the hashtag #WaxelNinja so that we can promote and advertise your posts as well!

Attached you will find an instruction on how to create a Discord Invite Link:

  • Switch to the Waxel Discord, if you are on several Discord servers
  • Click the Waxel servername to get access to the dropdown menu
  • Select “Invite People” and in this menu you can either select friends you want to invite directly or you can generate a server link you can post on social media or in one of the many “shilling”-channels on other discord servers.
  • At the bottom you can find an option to edit the invite link
  • This is where you can set up an expiry date and a maximum number of uses
  • Feel free to select “Never expiring” and “No limit”

You can always check your current rank in the #????invite-contest channel by using the following commands:
-invites To check your current rank
-leaderboard invites To display the whole leaderboard

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