Avatar Price Development

The Waxel Ninja Avatars with only 250 mints is still one of our most popular Waxel schemas. Initially they were offered for only $9,90 on NeftyBlocks and contain the following benefits for holders:

  • Random Airdrops from time to time
  • Special Discord role: “Waxel Ninja Clan” including access to the private chat room
  • Whitelist for every upcoming drop
  • There might be future benefits when we made some progress in our Waxel World development

In this graph you can see the complete price development, including WAX and USD prices:

Due to the fact there are only 250 available at all, you can only get your hands on one avatar on the secondary market or through giveaways. Rumors say there might be something upcoming within the next few days, so make sure to stay tuned on our Discord & Twitter.
You can find all active listings on AtomicHub.

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