Waxel World News #27


  • After a bumpy start and several updates, we are finally in a pretty stable state regarding the current Waxel World as transactions are propagated correctly with just occasional issues here and there
  • Therefore we can now put our focus on adding new features instead of working on bugs and stabilising the game
    • Just 1 bug is still bothering us regarding the transfer of professions and items while an item is equipped on a profession
    • We are really sorry that it takes so long, but working on smart contracts is not an easy task and you can easily break a lot of things
  • We are also very happy that we have been able to introduce the “Eyes” trait from the Waxel Ninjas into the Waxel World last week

Housing System

  • “Design” phase
    • Work in progress
  • Art / assets
    • Our artist finalised all assets that will be part for the first version and even some additional for later updates!
  • Development
    • Further getting to know the engine with all its features while working on a secret project for Waxel


  • Preparation for DYGYCON #12 next week
  • Planning what we are going to do for Christmas
  • Because of the recent update of the blog software we use for the website, the Waxel Ninjas Market and Waxel Ninjas Wallet Checker are currently broken as some technical things have been refactored in the background
    • Our community member Wapaca who developed the Waxel Ninjas Market and Waxel Ninjas Wallet Checker plugin is so kind and is currently working on an update to fix this (thank you very much for that!)

Secret project

  • As already mentioned, we have been working on a secret project for several weeks now that came to our mind while working on the Housing System
  • The good thing about this is, that pretty much all that is developed for this secret project helps us regarding the Housing System, as we use the same engine and develop things that can be reused there
  • Our moderators have been part of this since we started to test and give feedback (thank you very much!)
  • We are close to releasing it and the current and upcoming sneak peeks in our Discord #sneak-peeks channel are part of it

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