Waxel Newsflash #6

A lot has happened in the past days regarding Waxel and also a lot of new members have joined us. For that reason we wanted to make a review about what has happened and what is next on the table.

WAX #Art Week

  • Next to 8 other projects, Waxel has been invited to be part of the WAX #Art Week from the official team behind the WAX blockchain
  • We want to thank the whole community for this opportunity because without you the WAX team wouldn’t have picked us
  • Thanks to the new exposure via @WAX_io tweets for Waxel and the Gleam campaign where you will be able to win NFTs from all 9 projects and 5,000 WAX
    • We recommend you to take part to get a chance at winning all the awesome NFTs and especially hope that someone from our community will win 1 of the 10 Waxel NFTs

Waxel World

  • About 2 weeks ago the whole website was overhauled to have full focus on the Waxel World
  • We released the soundtrack for the title screen to get all the good old Nintendo / Sega vibes from our childhood
  • The DEVs are in the process of finishing everything for the UX / UI in order to have a complete alpha version in the coming days for us to be able and test everything internally
    • It could be that we will ask active community members for help to test everything with us if they want to 😉
  • Art wise the only thing that is missing, is the ingame screen which is also nearly finished and should be ready at the end of the week
  • Introduction of Settlement Upgrade NFTs for the Waxel World
    • A dedicated page for this is in the progress and will be released in the coming days
  • We are pretty sure you also want to know something about the release of the Waxel World, right?
    • As stated before we are very confident in getting the release out in Q1 2022
    • If everything works out fine during the testing phase we could be able to release in mid to end of February

Waxel General

  • We started a meme contest with prizes as a thank you to over 1,000 Discord members
  • Thanks to our community member Wapaca we have been able to integrate the Waxel Ninjas Wallet Checker and the Waxel Ninjas Market on our website which can also be found in the top menu under Gameplay -> Waxel Ninjas
  • Also thanks to our community member RovingRover we are now having a new WaxelBot in Discord with whom you are able to display Waxel Ninjas via an easy command directly in the #showcase and #bot-commands channel:


Again we want to thank the whole community that supports us the whole time!
We are super proud of what we have already accomplished together with you and remember that is just the beginning of a year long journey 😉

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