Waxel was invited to “WAX #Art Week” by WAX.io

If you are in our Discord you most probably took notice of us being super excited because of a certain message we received and we are finally able to reveal what this was all about.

About 10 days ago we have been contacted by the official WAX Blockchain Twitter account with over 240,000 followers and they asked us if we wanted to take part in the WAX #Art Week starting tomorrow January 24th. We couldn’t believe our eyes and of course said “YES!”.

Waxel will be part of the WAX #Art Week campaign where specific projects will be able to show their art by contributing a special NFT for this occasion.
There will be a special blog post highlighting all participants as well as a Gleam campaign where you can follow all artists to win 5,000 WAXP and the NFTs that we are providing. Also every participant will be highlighted individually on twitter.

We have only been chosen because you, the community, have mentioned us on Twitter as one of your favourite artists minting NFTs on WAX.
The team over at WAX have been impressed by our art and therefore asked us if we wanted to participate.

We wouldn’t be at this point without you, we are beyond words and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for this occasion!

And before we forget, here is the NFT that Ryu has been working on the past days that you will be able to win:

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