Waxel Halloween 2022 – Preview

It is Spooktober and of course we are also preparing something for Halloween 😉

Sometime on Monday, the 24th of October we will kick things off with our very own Halloween event. Not every single detail is yet thought out (for example chances), but we wanted to already show you the big picture of what we have planned:

  • During the event starting on the 24th of October until Halloween the 31st of October you will be able to find parts of our Halloween themed NFTs (just like you already know it from the Lost Treasures event)
  • Each NFT will be split up in 6 parts and each one will have different chances to be found
    • The tombstone parts having the highest chance, then the cauldron parts with a lower chance and the pumpkin parts with the lowest
  • You will then be able to blend the different parts together to get the final NFT
  • Instead of just having these NFTs as goodies / collectibles, we want them to be special limited NFTs that you will be able to use as furniture / decorations in our upcoming housing system!
    • As we don’t have all the details, schemas and templates ready for the housing system, these NFTs will serve as “coupons”
    • This means, when the housing system is going to be released, you will be able to blend them into the real furniture / decoration NFTs suited for the housing system and able to place them in your home
    • Please keep in mind that the visuals could slightly change until then, as we will make them need to fit the in-game dimensions

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