Showcase of the “Camp” feature in the Waxel World with Smart Contract integration

As stated in our latest Waxel World new #15, we wanted to upload a new video showcasing the current development status of further features.

The last video was about the “Town Hall” feature and this time we are going to showcase you the “Camp” feature.


  • Minting citizens as “Citizen – 10x” NFT packs
  • Showing that the NFTs really have been minted by displaying them on AtomicHub (testnet)
  • Adding citizens to the account by burning a “Citizen – 10x” NFT pack
  • Also showing that the NFT really gets burned and is not displayed anymore on AtomicHub (testnet)

Things to keep in mind:

  • This is still in early development and subject to change, but overall the UI will stay in this direction
  • I moved the popup from the Anchor wallet to confirm all the transactions on my 2nd monitor to not get in the way of the UI
  • The displayed “Citizen – 10x” NFT packs on AtomicHub (testnet) are using a placeholder image
    • On the main net of course the actual images will be shown

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