Showcase of the “Town Hall” feature in the Waxel World with Smart Contract integration

As stated in our latest Waxel World new #15, we wanted to upload a video showcasing the current development status regarding the integration of smart contracts with the new pixel art UI and here it is 😉


  • Logging in and out with the Anchor wallet
  • Registering and unregistering of Waxel Ninjas
  • Searching for new citizens and updating of the total amount belonging to the logged in wallet in the top left menu
  • Registering and unregistering of the settlement upgrade NFT
  • Showcasing how the settlement upgrade NFT influences the total limit of usable Waxel Ninjas

Things to keep in mind:

  • This is still in early development and subject to change, but overall the UI will stay in this direction
  • I moved the popup from the Anchor wallet to confirm all the transactions on my 2nd monitor to not get in the way of the UI
  • Only the Anchor wallet can be used on the testnet, so we can’t showcase the logging in with the WAX cloud wallet or test it there
  • The displayed Waxel Ninja images in the bottom half of the Town Hall screen are just placeholders as we don’t have the 10,000 Waxel Ninjas minted on the testnet
    • On the main net of course your Waxel Ninjas will be displayed there

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