Waxel World News #15

Guess it is time for some news regarding the Waxel World and a lookout for the week ahead 🙂

Current development status

We are heavily focused on connecting the smart contracts with the new pixel art UI and progress is good:

  • Able to log in and log out with the Anchor Wallet (on the WAX test net only the Anchor wallet can be used) and the username you are logging in with is displayed at the top right menu
  • The top left menu gets updated regarding to how many Waxel Ninjas, citizens, professions, materials and items you hold in your account / wallet
  • Town Hall:
    • Display the correct amount of how many Waxel Ninjas you hold per race
    • Registering und unregistering of Waxel Ninjas
    • Searching for citizens
    • Checking if a citizen has been found or not with the appropriate popup
    • Registering und unregistering of the “Camp” settlement upgrade NFT and therefore the rule working correctly in how many Waxel Ninjas can be used at the same time per wallet
  • School:
    • Display the correct amount of how many professions you hold per profession type
    • Registering and unregistering of professions
    • Working to gather new raw material
    • Checking what raw material has been found with the appropriate popup
  • Warehouse:
    • Display the correct amount of how many materials you are holding per material type
  • Workshop:
    • Display the correct amount of how many items you are holding per item type

Next steps

  • Testing every time a new version is deployed, writing bugs, fixing them etc.
  • Integrating a “Shop” UI for buying profession books instead of only linking directly to the overview on Neftyblocks with the appropriate drops
  • Keep you updated about the development status in our #sneak-peeks channel in Discord and global announcements as usual

Lookout for the week ahead

  • As we still have Waxel Ninja packs in store, there will of course be another weekend raffle
  • Announcement regarding adjustments to the 3rd and 4th milestone of the Waxel Ninja pack drop
  • Release of a new video regarding the Waxel World to show your the current progress with smart contract functionality
  • Easter is around the corner and maybe we have prepared something for that

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