Waxel World News #16

Time for some news regarding the Waxel World and a lookout for the week ahead, right? 😉

Current development status

We are further heavily focused on connecting the smart contracts with the new pixel art UI:

  • Town Hall:
    • 100% finished
  • Camp:
    • Mint citizens as “Citizen – 10x” NFT pack
    • If no enough citizens are in the account, an according popup will be displayed and inform about it
    • Add citizens to account by burning a “Citizen – 10x” NFT pack
    • If no “Citizen – 10x” NFT pack is in the wallet, an according popup will be displayed and inform about it
    • Some bugs have been found during testing that are going to be fixed
  • School:
    • Registering and unregistering of the mine, forest and field settlement upgrade NFTs
    • Limit ist applied accordingly and bonus in gathering 5% more resources is also working correctly for all gatherers (e.g. instead of gathering 1 “Copper Ore” it will always be 1.05 “Copper Ore” for all registered miners)
    • All raw materials can be refined into their according refined materials (e.g. “3x Copper Ore” gets refined into “1x Copper Bar”)
    • If not enough raw materials are in the account, the “Refine” button is greyed out
    • Able to equip and unequip the corresponding items per gatherer professions
    • If no item is in the wallet for equipping in a certain slot, an according popup will be displayed and inform about it
    • Able to start crafting process of items
    • If not enough raw materials are in the account for crafting an item, the “Craft” button is greyed out
  • Warehouse:
    • No new progress
  • Workshop:
    • No new progress
  • Shop:
    • Shop UI is finished!
    • You will see all buyable profession books inside the game instead of only linking directly to the overview on Neftyblocks with the appropriate drops
    • This way we are having another finished UI part for when new goods arrive in the shop 😉

Past progress can be found in our previous Waxel World News #15.

Next steps

  • Testing every time a new version is deployed, writing bugs, fixing them etc.
  • Keep you updated about the development status in our #sneak-peeks channel in Discord and global announcements as usual

Lookout for the week ahead

  • As we still have Waxel Ninja packs in store, there will of course be another weekend raffle
  • Most probably release of a new video regarding the Waxel World to show your the current progress with smart contract functionality
  • Working on special backgrounds for the actual Waxel World NFTs outside the game to look pretty in the marketplaces 😉

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