Waxel World – Update 1.1.1

This update marks the beginning of the very first in-game event in the Waxel WorldThe Great Storm.

Content including in this update:

  • Introduction of in-game events:
  • The first in-game event is going to be “The Great Storm
  • While your Waxel Ninjas search for Citizens, they will be able to find extra NFTs
    • For the start it will be the “Old Book Page – 1x” NFT
    • The NFT is used to blend profession books
    • During the first week of “The Great Storm” event, the chance of finding one is going to be 7% and afterwards it is going to be reduced to 3%
      • *EDIT – 05.11.2022 – We decided to keep the chance at 7% instead of lowering it

Please reload the play page and empty your cache in order to get the newest game client loaded. (ctrl + f5)

Next steps

  • Working on further features besides the housing system
  • Fixes of bugs
  • Working on further QoL features

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