Waxel World – Update 1.0.2

A couple days after the v1.0.1 update the next one is going live 😉

This time we focused on giving you the ability to choose which endpoint (WAX server) you want to play on while logging in.

Content including in this update:

  1. Added selection of different endpoints (WAX servers) while logging in
    • Greymass = Europe
    • WAXSweden = Germany
    • EOS Nation = USA / Canada
    • NeftyGuild = USA
    • EOSeoul = Japan
  2. Town Hall
    • Added missing “Info” popup for when “Search” is started
    • Added missing “Loading” panel for register / unregister of Settlement Upgrade camps
  3. School
    • Added missing “Info” popup for when “Work” is started
    • Added missing “Loading” panel when “Burn” of a profession is started
    • Added missing “Info” popup that “Burn” of profession is finished
  4. Fixed text displaying “+20% Extra” instead of the correct value “+50% Extra” for “Function” in “Workshop” details view of the “Teak Wagon”
  5. More error messages should be properly caught and displayed in info popup
  6. Refactoring in the backend how config data is fetched in order to be able and build the project faster depending on building for the testnet or mainnet

Please reload the play page and empty your cache in order to get the newest game client loaded.

Formulas and Recipes page

We added a new page called “Formulas and Recipes” that includes all the formulas and recipes that are currently implemented in the Waxel World.

That way you can check everything without the need to go through the menus inside the game.

A link to the page was added to the top menu under “Gameplay” and at the end of all the Waxel World pages regarding Citizens, Professions etc.

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