Waxel World – Update 1.0.1

Our first update is finally here that should bring in more stability for everyone.
In this update we focused heavily on getting more direct feedback to the players when they do any interactions that involve transactions on the blockchain (especially needed for the WAX Cloud Wallet).

Content including in this update:

  1. Display of a “Loading” indicator that involves a transaction on the blockchain
  2. “Info” popups if an error occurred or a transaction is finished
  3. Tooltips for buildings by hovering over them
  4. Fixed text error in “Shop”
  5. Fixed text error in “Warehouse”
  6. Added info in the “Refine Material” popup that raw materials are consumed after refining process is started (as an addition to have that info already on the manual page)
  7. Added info in the “Crafting” popup that refined materials are consumed after crafting process is started (as an addition to have that info already on the manual page)

We know that there are some occasions where the “Info” popup is not displayed yet, but we wanted to get this update out as fast as possible and will add the other ones in a later update.

Please reload the play page and empty your cache in order to get the newest game client loaded.

PS: Thank you to everyone that uses the #report-bug channel in our Discord. Don’t stop mentioning bugs there as it helps us a lot to make the game better.

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