Waxel World News #8

Time to for some Waxel World news, what we have done the past days and are working on right now.

Development / UX & UI:

  • All on the smart contract side is ready and currently under test
  • Our developers are no focused on the integration of the UX / UI

Art / Assets:

  • Our artist is now focused on the ingame screen


  • The past days we have been working hard on a complete rework of our website
  • We already showed you our new Waxel World logo
  • The new website will will have a complete focus on the Waxel World
    • Soon everyone at the first glance will be able to see that (soon) we are a play to earn / play and earn NFT game on the WAX blockchain and not just a collectible
  • Most things are finished and we should be ready to release the new website after Christmas!

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