Waxel World News #28

It is a long time since we did the last Waxel World news and therefore we wanted to give you a quick update on what we are currently working.


  • Currently we are refactoring the code structure of the game of how we handled most things in Unity until now to work properly with the new engine that we included in the latest update 1.2.0
    • This step is necessary to have a clean flow for the housing system from logging in, showing the map and navigating to the housing part and back
    • While doing that we are adding things we have introduced in Waxel Rush like the settings menu and click sounds for all the UI elements
  • Unfortunately all these things take a while as our codebase is not the smalles one anymore, we have a lot of UI elements and everything needs to be tested from start to finish, but most things are already working properly and only the “School”, “Workshop” and “Warehouse” need to be adjusted

Housing System

  • “Design” phase
    • Work in progress
  • Art / assets
    • 100% finished
  • Development
    • Will be the next thing after the refactoring is finished
    • In the meantime you can check out the very first prototype v.0.0.1 we showed you here


  • Adding more lore pieces
    • Until know we have 3 (The Shadowfall, Waxel Ninjas backstory and Waxel Ninjas backstory for the humans) that you can find in our lore section
    • The 4th one will be released this Thursday!

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